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The largest resort hotel in Guanshan

Shanshuixuan Resort was founded in 2001 by the chairman Mr. Hongzong Chen. At that time, Guanshan had the country's first environmentally friendly water park (covering an area of 34 hectares) built with air pollution prevention and control fees, but there was not a large-scale hotel nearby that allowed tourists to stay. Therefore, Mr. Xu Ruigui, the mayor of Guanshan at the time, asked Chairman Chen, who was successful in the development of the north, and Chairman Chen also returned to his hometown and invested hundreds of millions of yuan in the construction of the With an area of 3.5 hectares, it is the largest resort hotel in Guanshan area.

Geographical environment Shanshui Xuan is the largest resort hotel in Guanshan, Taitung. It is only a five-minute drive from Guanshan Railway Station. It is close to attractions related to the mountain water park and the 12-kilometer bicycle path around the town. In addition to the many surrounding attractions, the pool and Luye high platform, the resort’s facilities also include herbal steam medicinal baths, open-air spa pools, karaoke boxes, mahjong rooms, bicycles, amusement parks, etc.... Let you truly enjoy the holiday fun.

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There are a total of 82 rooms of various sizes, most of which are in the style of European chalet. Each room is equipped with shower, MINI bar, dressing table, wardrobe, separate air-conditioner and other facilities. I look forward to bringing it to you. A leisurely vacation experience for travelers.